How to Split Cable TV Wire?


Splitting cable TV wire is easy, but you need to buy a splitter and two cables from a store that sells electronics. Once you have the splitter, you'll screw the cable that comes into your house into one side of the splitter and the two new cables you purchased into the other side. Then you'll run those two new cables to the TV's that you want to hook to cable.
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The easiest way to split cable TV wire to have lines running to more than one device is to use a splitter. The splitter will attach to the main line. You can then attach two or more cables to the splitter so that signal reaches two devices. Because it decreases signal to a certain degree it is best to not have more than one splitter attached to the same line.
In order to split cable tv wire you will need a splitter. These are available at most electronics stores. You hook the main wire into the slitter and then two wires onto the other side of it.
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