How do you spot a fake North Face jacket?


To spot a fake North Face jacket you should make sure to inspect the jacket before buying. Check that all the sew work is good and doesn't look like there have been errors. Also be sure that the logo is on the left side of the jacket, if you are wearing it. If it is on the other side it is fake. Another thing that would let you know it is fake is if the name was spelled wrong.
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1. Look for North Face jackets that only have one tag (usually attached on the arm) Most North Face jackets have multiple tags (some from the sleeve and one inside the neck) If your
It depends on what style of The North Face jacket, as they are not all designed the same. The common North Face Denali is rated to about 10 degrees F, but most of their other jackets
A North Face jacket retails for between $90-199 depending on the style of
North Face jackets typically cost between $199-$299. All North Face garments have cleaning instructions on a tag inside the garment.
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How to Spot a Fake North Face Jacket
Counterfeit clothing typically stems from high-end, designer labels. While North Face clothing is less expensive than luxury brands like Gucci or Hermes, there is still a market for fake North Face jackets. Although purchasing a jacket from your local... More »
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Real North Face jackets have 2 or more tags that do not match each other. There should be at least one tag that says 'The North Face Denali Jacket.' Fake North ...
Many clothing items are made in China. I found listings for North Face Jackets on the website for Dick's Sporting Goods. When I clicked on 2 or 3 of them, they ...
One can tell the difference between real and fake North Face clothing because counterfeit jackets often have flaws on the tags, the garment's construction and ...
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