How do you spot fake Ralph Lauren merchandise?


You have to have a vigilant eye and be conscious about quality when trying to spot a fake Ralph Lauren. For one, check the back of the tags. The threads should show on the back of the tags, and you shouldn't be able to see the reverse stitch of the front. Also, the fakes do not use the same color thread for the stitching for the tag. Next, the horse on the faux Ralph Lauren will have the the thread and the cotton showing on the underside of the emblem. The real Ralph Lauren would have a horse emblem that is uniform and looks the same on the front and reverse side. It is best to check the overall consistency of the stitch on the entire shirt. There shouldn't be any loose threads, and the seams should be double stitched and not loose. The fakes also have a cross weaved stitching. The fakes have a stiffer fabric, especially around the collar, whereas the real polo would be a lot softer and not hard at all. Hope this helps!
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Instructions. Ask yourself some questions before you start. How cheap is it? If it's very cheap and it's not used, be suspicious. Who are you buying from? A department store is usually
Well , you can refer to the bottom of the top where the shirt cuts the back cut of the shirt should be longer than the top cut also there should only be 2 buttons with ralph lauren
Apparently, if your Ralph Lauren Polo top has either 3 buttons or even cuts on each side then it's fake. I do believe in this, because i've scanned through a lot of polo tops
1 Get the clothes. Start by going to the Ralph Lauren stores and going to the website. The website has more things on sale, more frequently. If there aren't any Ralph Lauren stores
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How to Spot Fake Ralph Lauren Clothes
Ralph Lauren is known worldwide for his colorful Polo shirts and other apparel designs. Because of the popularity of his designer merchandise, fakes abound. You may encounter them on Internet auction sites, at second-hand stores or in boutiques that... More »
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Look at the label. Make sue everything is spelled correctly. real Ralph Lauren tags say Polo (in a box) by Ralph Lauren and have threads on the back, fake tags often do not have the threads.
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