How to Spot Fake Seven Jeans?


There are a few things that you can easily look for in order to spot fake Seven jeans. One thing to take note of is the tag, it should be dull, a glossy tag would indicate a fake. Not having over-lock stitching is another indicator that the jeans are fake.
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The best way to spot a fake pair of 7FAM jeans is to look at the three tags inside the waistband. The yellow tag at the bottom should display the 7FAM logo on the front and a metallic
if the logo is different the real seven is really called seven for mankind heres a great website with more info
Look at the inside tag. The tag where it says Citizen's of Humanity….
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How do I Spot Fake Seven Jeans?
7 For All Mankind, also known as Seven or 7FAM, is a leading brand of jeans based in Los Angeles, California. Authentic 7FAM jeans price up to more than $300, but the market is saturated with cheaper, counterfeited versions that, to the untrained eye,... More »
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Fake jeans or other items can often be spotted by the quality. If your jeans say Sevin and not Seven that is a sure sign they are fake. Also the place you are buying them is a good clue, a high end department store = real, a man on a street corner = fake.
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