How do you spot fake Seven jeans?


Seven jeans can be identified by searching for the letters "YKK" engraved on the zipper, a "7" stamped on the back portion of all buttons and a double-locked inseam. These factors are present on all authentic Seven jeans.

The zipper engraving, stamped buttons and double-locked inseam are expensive and difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce, making it extremely unlikely for one to find these features on a fake pair of Seven jeans. Many additional features may also be noted. The color of the pocket lining varies in Seven jeans. Earlier Seven jeans have a white pocket lining, while later versions are violet or indigo and faintly striped. Any variation on these two colors should be considered counterfeit.

At least two tags are found on authentic Seven jeans. Some earlier versions may have more. The tag labeling the style and cut should be on the inside of the jean, instead of the outside. Authentic tags typically have a dull, weathered look versus a glossy look, which may be seen on the fake versions. The tag on the back pocket should be flawless, with precise, even stitching. Serial numbers should also be inspected. Fake Seven jeans often have no serial number. Serial numbers on authentic Seven jeans are stitched in silver.

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How do I Spot Fake Seven Jeans?
7 For All Mankind, also known as Seven or 7FAM, is a leading brand of jeans based in Los Angeles, California. Authentic 7FAM jeans price up to more than $300, but the market is saturated with cheaper, counterfeited versions that, to the untrained eye,... More »
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