How do you spray paint a house?


First remove everything out from the house, apply tape and masking on the floor so that you protect plants adjacent to the house. Level the sprayer with clean water if you are using water based paint, then start spaying on an unremarkable part of the house. Wait until the paint is dry before removing masking tape and paper.
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1. Choose a calm day, preferably with humidity lower than 80 percent and no rain threatened. Be aware that over-spray can drift up to 20 feet, even on a relatively calm day. 2. Move
1. Fit the can with a fat cap that promotes splatter effects. All fat caps can be used to create a paint splatter effect, but some do it more naturally. 2. Hold the can 4 inches from
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What is Spray Paint? Spray paint is more scientifically referred to as aerosol paint. It is a form of paint, primer or coating material that is stored in a metal cylinder and is sprayed
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