How to Spray Two Pack Paint?


Two tack paint fumes are harmful to your health, so make sure that you wear overalls and have an air mask on before you begin painting. Purchase the colour you like (keep in mind that the ones in print will be a little different in shade on a car) and the hardener. Mix the paint with the hardener in the quantities mentioned on the paint or ask the manufactures. Once the paint is added to the hardener then use it quickly therefore prepare your care beforehand. Mix the paint well in the spray can and spray carefully on the car. Give it a gentle rub with a sandpaper to give the finish. Learn more about the precautions you need to keep in mind when spray-painting two tack paint at
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Two pack or two component paints require a hardener to be added to it before it is applied. Add two parts paint to one part hardener . Once the hardener has been added to the paint it will go hard after a few hours, even if it's kept in a preserved container. The amount of time that the paint can be sprayed after the hardener has been added depends on the speed of the hardener; it's generally 2 to 6 hours. On the plus side: Two pack paints is a high quality and durable paint. On the negative side: two pack paints is expensive and it's slightly harder to spray due to its higher viscosity (although it can be thinned). Two pack paints are not available in aerosol.
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