How to Stake a Gold Claim?


To stake a gold claim it has to be in one of the states federally administered for mining claims. There are 19 states including Alaska, Oregon, and Utah. You need to fill out the proper paperwork and file it.
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1. The first step is to locate the area you wish to stake your claim and mark the corners well. It must be less than 20 acres. It can not be in a National Park, on an Indian Reservation
You laid out the claim with some sort of boundary and could file a claim with the assay office in the nearest town. Many times the claim was jumped if it looked good and often the
Staking a claim involves marking the claim boundaries, typically
You make a real estate claim at the local county office. You make a sub surface claim at the Department of the Interior office of US government. They can tell you if there is an expired
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Before you begin any mining work it is important to learn how to stake a mining claim. You will first need to locate a deposit of minerals to lay claim to that ...
1. Verify ownership of the land, and determine if a prior claim for that parcel of land has been made. Obtain this information from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management ...
1. Go to the Government of Alberta Energy website ( Review Alberta's laws and regulations regarding mining and prospecting. There ...
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