How to Start a Drive in Theater?


To start a drive in theater, you will need a large lot of land that is commercial zoned. You will need a license to play movies, so get that before you get the equipment you need. Next, you will need the screens, projectors and speakers for the patrons. Don't forget the equipment for the concession stand and your food and drinks. Get your ticket prices set and you are ready to open.
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1. Find a location that has some drive-by traffic but that doesn't have too many outside lights within close proximity. You need enough land for the screen, the concession stand and
A movie theater can be started with little start up fees. Sponsor film night at home or at Church, sell snacks, and rent the latest DVD's. As the crowd gathers, enlarge your venue.
1 Decide what type of theater is needed in your area. There are several distinct types of theaters, including art house theaters and second-run theaters, which are independently operated
The drive-in theater was invented on June 6, 1933, when Richard M. Hollingshead nailed a bed sheet between trees in his backyard to use as a screen, mounted a 1928 Kodak projector
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Starting a Drive in Movie Theater is done by Finding a location that has some drive-by traffic, Building the facility. You need to have all proper building permits ...
First you will need to acquire a property or piece of land. Decide how you will like to to project the films. Start with the theater's design. Market your new ...
State of Iowa has four drive-in theaters left. These are Grandview Drive-In located in the City of Grandview. Another one is in Maquoketa called 61 Drive-In. While ...
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