How to Start a Flirty Conversations?


In order to start flirty conversations, always compliment the other person. You also could try giving direct eye contact. Simply brushing your arm on the other person or playing with your hair always gives out a flirty vibe.
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A good way to start flirty conversations is to point out something cute or attractive about someone that other people might not notice. For example, you could say something like 'It's so cute how you wrinkle your nose when you laugh.' Make sure it is a positive observation, not an embarrassing one. Eye contact and body language are also important. Read the article 'SIRC Guide to Flirting' to find out more about flirting.
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start: normal. middle: start throwing in complements (says you like that way they are, they look, or anything else you can possibly like) end: tell him later, rather than bye. (that
You could ask what they like to do on the weekend , and offer them to
call him nicknames like baby and end a lot of ur texts with xoxo or smiles and then start it with he wassup? (and then just put a smiley face any kind)
tell him you like his hair, or his eyes. Tell him he's handsome. Stuff like that
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The best way to start a conversation is to be yourself. Act natural, say hello, introduce yourself, shake hands and start some small talk. ...
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