How to Start a Lending Company?


When starting your own lending company you will need to first find a location. Then you will need to make a business plan and make some business cards.
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How to Start a Lending Company
A lending corporation lends money from its own capital funds or from its investors to the public, earning money from the interest paid by individuals and entities. Companies approve loans for auto or home purchases, business endeavors. education costs... More »
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1. Unless you already have considerable experience in the field, research it extensively. Write a business plan stating your financial goals and strategies. Develop a plan to raise
Well you want to find out exactly what your company will be about. Will you be selling a product or service. Then you must fund your business and receive the proper licenses to start
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1. Apply for the mortgage lender license in your state where you will be doing business. In Florida, for example, the new lending company is required to complete ...
1. Choose a business name. For sole proprietorship and partnership businesses, you can use your name or your partner's name. For money lending corporations, the ...
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