How to Start a Paragraph?


In order to start a paragraph, develop a good idea, that you want to write. Next use the tab button, to indent. Capitalize the first letter of the sentence, and begin to expand on your idea. Normally the correct length of a paragraph is 6-8 sentences, which flow correctly.
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How to Start a Paragraph
The first sentence of a paragraph is a topic sentence. In an effective paragraph the topic sentence will introduce the subject of the paragraph without giving too much or too little information. It should not go off on a tangent, but address only the... More »
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Your introductory paragraph is very important. It should briefly lay out what the rest of the paper is going to say. It should broadly make your points, and the rest of the paper
1. Start a list of words or phrases that describe what the subject of your paragraph looks, smells, feels, sounds and tastes like, if applicable. If the object is your T-shirt, describe
A good word such as: also. although. as a consequence. as a result. because. but. clearly. compared to. different from. finally. for example. for instance. however. in conclusion.
The summary statement is an effective way to start your concluding
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A good way to start a paragraph is with a topic sentence that conveys your main idea. You want to grab the readers attention as soon as possible so that they will ...
The proper way to start off a paragraph begins with an idea that will get the reader engaged and interested in the story. The very first sentence in the paragraph ...
In order to start a introduction paragraph you will want to start it with something that will grab your readers attention. This paragraph should also contain something ...
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