How Do I Start a Pet Cemetery Business?


To start a pet cemetery, first get the necessary licenses, insurance and permits documents. Next, Purchase a pet crematory with a burn rate and capacity that can accommodate your clients. Afterwards, purchase cleaning supplies; bags or containers for storing the ashes upon cremation, and offer a variety of services to accommodate your client's needs. Finally, set up relationships with veterinarians and provide them with brochures detailing, your devotion to providing a dignified method for handling and cremating pets.
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1. Find out about the local ordinances in your area. Most cities and counties will have ordinances governing every type of business including pet cemeteries. Make certain that you
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1 Find a suitable shop for sale or rent. It is probably best to take on an existing pet store that is already stocked and has some clientele already. This way, you can start instantly
Pets can be buried either in a private plot or in a communal plot. In a private burial, a pet's remains are separately prepared and placed in an individual grave site, crypt, or mausoleum
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How to Start a Pet Cemetery
Many pet owners are distraught when their pets die and want the solace of a proper burial. You can provide a peaceful resting place for these pets while running a profitable business. Here's how.... More »
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If you want to start a pet cemetery, contact your local licensing or permit office to see what the restrictions are for burying animals on your property.
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