How Do I Start a Pet Cemetery Business?


To start a pet cemetery, first get the necessary licenses, insurance and permits documents. Next, Purchase a pet crematory with a burn rate and capacity that can accommodate your clients. Afterwards, purchase cleaning supplies; bags or containers for storing the ashes upon cremation, and offer a variety of services to accommodate your client's needs. Finally, set up relationships with veterinarians and provide them with brochures detailing, your devotion to providing a dignified method for handling and cremating pets.
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How to Start a Pet Cemetery
Many pet owners are distraught when their pets die and want the solace of a proper burial. You can provide a peaceful resting place for these pets while running a profitable business. Here's how.... More »
Difficulty: Challenging
If you want to start a pet cemetery, contact your local licensing or permit office to see what the restrictions are for burying animals on your property.
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