How do you start a piggery business?


To start a piggery business you need to make sure you have pens and cages. You will also need a septic tank and a drainage system. You have to make sure that the pens are kept clean. The pigs will also need a steady supply of water as well as proper ventilation.
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1. Determine the size of your piggery. For a small-scale operation, your backyard may suffice. However, you'll need a much larger area if you plan on raising more than ten sows at
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How i can start a piggery or chicken business, is ther any company who give a supply for pig or chicken? please help me couse i wnt to start this business so that i cnt help to supply
1. Plan your business. While being a breeder is usually a part-time endeavor, operating a boarding cattery is a more than full-time job. Determine how much time and resources you
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