How to Start a Piggery Business?


To start a piggery business you need to make sure you have pens and cages. You will also need a septic tank and a drainage system. You have to make sure that the pens are kept clean. The pigs will also need a steady supply of water as well as proper ventilation.
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1. Determine the size of your piggery. For a small-scale operation, your backyard may suffice. However, you'll need a much larger area if you plan on raising more than ten sows at
Almost all farmers are grown into the business. it would require at least 50 thousand dollars you need well breed pigs a client who would buy them from you,a location to by feed,
How i can start a piggery or chicken business, is ther any company who give a supply for pig or chicken? please help me couse i wnt to start this business so that i cnt help to supply
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