How do you start a prepaid credit card company?


To start a prepaid credit card company, write a business plan detailing your target customer and how the market caters to that customer. Contact a service provider and attorney for information on state, federal, and local laws.
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1. Pick the structure for your business. You can run your prepaid credit card business as a sole proprietorship, or you can choose to register the business as a partnership, corporation
1 Look for prepaid credit cards with the lowest fees. Most cards have a small fee that you must pay either monthly or annually. Consider the card with the lowest fee. Ad 2 Check the
American Express is a very reliable and major firm in the financial industry and the business sector. They also sell prepaid and re-loadable credit cards with services for businesses
Dear Eric, You are partially right. In order to issue credit cards in Spain you may be or team up with a banking institution (Banks and Savings Banks) or any other Financial Credit
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How to Start a Prepaid Credit Card Company
A prepaid credit card business is one way to build a financial services business that caters to those who cannot obtain a traditional credit card. You can start a prepaid credit card company without having to invest a lot of money or rent a big office.... More »
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