How do you start a small delivery service?


A small delivery service can be started with your own transportation. Seeking clients can be done by checking with your city and state information centers on contractor requests for delivery service.
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1. Establish a name for your business and your business' logo that is appropriate for your trade. Once you have a final draft of your logo, take your concept to a printer, and have
Starting your own small delivery service is a great idea, and can be very convenient for you because you can run it from the comforts of your own home. On the other hand, you may
1. Draft a business plan. A business plan will be like the user manual for your business. In the plan, describe your small business (or deli) discuss your competition, explain how
1. Develop a business plan you can follow that starts your business off as part-time and allows for gradual growth into full-time. When you have limited capital you will want to use
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