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This varies depending on what type of summary you are writing. A business summary would be to give an overview of a business plan. If it were a book then it would be an overview about the type of story. You need to have a title for the book and a name for the company included in the summary.
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To start a summary, you must first recount all of the things leading up to the point of summarization. Pick out the heavy hitters and determine what the desired take away is from
1. Write your entire business plan before you draft your executive summary, since the purpose of this recap is to refine everything you've included in the plan down to the most basic
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To start a summary, you may want to write an outline first. An outline is an organized bulleted list of important points and details. List all the main idea and then list all the supporting details. The events in the summary should be in chronological order. Arrange the events as soon as you write down the main points. Write the plot, climax, ending/conclusion. Always remember that a summary should only be short but the main idea of it should still be there.
Summaries can be done effectively by starting with a description of the project and the work that had been done. The results are then discussed and any problems that arose.
If you want to write the summary part you need to write about all the results or conclusions that you have. Write down what you think that is important for others o know and make it interesting.
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Starting off a summary can seem like a challenge. First, remember not to 'give away all the chickens before they hatch' by summarizing immediately. Start the summary ...
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