How do I start a teen center?


Starting a teen center involves gathering a group of adults who are committed to the center, developing a business plan and creating a program that meets the needs of teens. A teen center also needs funding for its programs, as well as insurance, advises Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives Inc.

Before starting a teen center, the organizers must decide whether the center should be incorporated as a non-profit organization and must obtain any permits and licensing needed to operate, suggests Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives of Edgerton, Wisconsin. Background checks should be performed on any prospective staff. The adults also must identify a funding source, acquire equipment, decide on the center's focus and be prepared to deal with any problems that may arise.

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1. Determine where the funding will come from. Most teen centers start as community projects with funding coming from the city commission, a local recreation commission, or a YMCA-type
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