How to start a tire shop?


To start any business the first thing you will need is money! Be sure you have plenty of cash to pay rent, pay taxes, pay your employees and purchase all the supplies you will need. You will need a shop with at least one bay to do your work in, plenty of each kind of tire and a reliable source to order from should the customer need something different. You will also need to consider advertising to drive customers to your store. You can also look into purchasing a franchise, which requires a large sum to begin, but can be an instant success if it is a reputable name!
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How to Start a Tire Shop
The typical American city has a plethora of places where drivers can get their tires changed. Drivers may opt for top-notch service at their auto dealerships or skew toward affordability by visiting a chain store like Car-X. The constantly rising number... More »
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1. Outline tires and accessories that will be sold in your store that are not distributed elsewhere in your community. 2. Peruse real estate listings in your community to find old
The first thing you can do is pack up all those clothes that you don't wear any more. Call your friends and ask them to pitch in. Find a good location and then look at what permits
first you need a shop with a hoist. then you need to sign a contract with a tire manufacture to have tires brought to you then you need a balancing machine and a machine to break
1. Write a business plan for your shopping business that includes a reasonable fee structure for your services. Opt for a percentage of a shopping tab (15 percent to 20 percent, depending
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1. Develop a business plan for your tire recycling center that details your projected operations and local impact. Then contact your state EPA office or waste ...
1. Establish your radius and find a plant strategically located within a reasonable distance of the community you intend to service. Customers may choose to drop ...
1. Obtain a business license after selecting retail space for the business. Paint the building as needed to create a clean look for displaying tires and batteries ...
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