How do you start a transitional house?


A transitional home can be for different needs such as an adult shelter, for veterans, homeless or health challenges. Or, it can be for youth. Different rules and laws can apply according to State and County regulations. Most are non-profit organizations.
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1. Determine the target population. Learn what needs exist in your community. Find populations that are underserved and select a specific one in need of transitional housing. Choose
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How to Start Transitional Housing
Transitional living programs help the homeless and other disadvantaged people learn how to live a productive life and assimilate into society again. Transitional housing programs assist victims of domestic abuse, teenage runaways, rehabilitated... More »
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To start a transitional house you must be sure of what your trying to transition. Is it people with a drug or sex addiction. Is it run away kids? Once you decide then you can get help from the government and the chamber of commerce from your city. You can get charitable donations and have fund raisers for your transitional house.
Figure out which population you are trying to target and which needs exist in your area. Receive adequate funding from private foundations and government departments that provide grants. Get support from your community. You can also network with residents and business owners around where the transitional housing program is located. Find a facility that provides both individual space and community gathering areas. Buy supplies such as furniture and appliances that residents will need. Finally, set rules that the residents must follow if they wish to remain as part of the program.
Transitional housing will move a homeless person closer to independent living. Starting a house will mean licensing and insurance, perhaps government assistance as well. This is a great project to give people a hand up. You can find more information at
In order to start a transitional house, identify the underprivileged groups in your area and select one of them to serve. You will then need to find financing, locate a suitable building, purchase furniture, hire staff, establish daily schedules and work with each resident so that they can make the transition to adapt to the outside world.
Transitional housing requires licenses provided by the state and county in which you live. Before you can begin a transitional house, you must find out what licenses you need. You can find this info by contacting you county government.
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