How do you start an assisted living home?


To start an assisted living home you would first need to purchase a home, making sure that all codes are up to specs and it is handicapped accessible. Then you will need to apply for appropriate licenses and permits. Most states require you to have some kind of professional training to open your home. Contact the Department of Health and Human services and fill out all appropriate paperwork. Once paperwork is done and house is ready, find clients looking for assisted living places to live.
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1. Attend a required orientation. Here is where professionals from your state’s local Social and Family Services Licensing Division address specific questions, concerns, and
1 Thoroughly explain to the senior that the time to accept some help has come. Outline the facts of your life when it comes to you not being able to do as much as an assisted living
1. Volunteer at a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital to get a better perspective on the daily duties of a nursing assistant. These professionals work with patients
1 Make a list of assisted living facilities, often called "communities," near friends or family. Find out if the assisted living facilities you want to visit allow prospective
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How to Start Assisted Living at Home
Assisted living is a service provided to adults ages 18 to 59 needing assistance with daily living tasks and as well as seniors age 60 and over. Requirements are state-specific and based on the size of the facility and the number of residents. The steps... More »
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