How to Start Homelite Petrol Strimmer Instructions?


Start a Homelite Petrol Strimmer with the following steps. Release the air from the carb with the bulb on the carb. Close the choke completely and give the start rope short, sharp pulls to warm the engine up. To depress trigger, move choke lever to middle position and pull starter rope to crank and warm engine more. And when engine warms and runs rich, open choke fully and run.
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best to pump to the trigger about 30-40 times then put the choke and trigger lock on and keep pulling when she fires up and the revs start to die turn the choke of but leave trigger
Have your carb looked at. If you ran it dry before you stored it last Fall then it may be worse. The small inlets and jets can become clogged with varnished gasoline. A carb rebuild
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When using a petrol strimmer, hold it securely with its strap on your shoulder; using your fingers on the handle, direct the strimmer away from your body towards ...
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