How do you stay safe during a blizzard?


To stay safe during a blizzard, you must have adequate shelter. You will also need a heating source in order to stay safe during a blizzard. You should never walk around outside in a thick blizzard or you may lose direction and become lost.
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1. Stay inside your house. A house offers the most protection from the strong, punishing winds, the extreme cold and snow. 2. Dress in layers if you absolutely have to leave your
Stay inside. They're pretty harmless if you just stay inside; they're not tornadoes or hurricanes. If you HAVE TO go out, take the basic supplies like flashlight, weather radio if
1. Keep up with the news. When the news stories start coming in that there is unrest, strife, increased crime, or. terrorist. attempts taking place where the sports event is happening
1. Wear fireproof overalls. The light resulting from MIG welding is ultraviolet and can cause sunburn and skin cancer. Fireproof overalls also protect you from hot sparks and molten
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Most keys to blizzard safety involve simple preparation in advance.
Having an adequate stock of food, and some extra food, water and blankets in the car are a good start. Check the links below for more!
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