How do you stay safe during a blizzard?


To stay safe during a blizzard, you must have adequate shelter. You will also need a heating source in order to stay safe during a blizzard. You should never walk around outside in a thick blizzard or you may lose direction and become lost.
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Stay in your car and wait for help. Do not leave you car because it is very easy to get lost in a blizzard with low visibility. Plus the driving snow will make you feel disoriented.
cover up in cover, hide in lowest room, if not possible,hid safely in closet until its over.
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Most keys to blizzard safety involve simple preparation in advance.
Having an adequate stock of food, and some extra food, water and blankets in the car are a good start. Check the links below for more!
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Stay indoors during a blizzard. Be prepared for a power outage with candles, flashlights and heat sources such as fireplace or woodstove. Consolidate people to ...
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