How to Stop a Squeaky Serpentine Belt?


Squeaky serpentine belts can be caused by one or two things. One: your belts are slightly loose and slipping, and one or two of the components need to be tightened. Two: the bearings in one of your pulleys just needs a little spray. The best way to get rid of that would be to use belt spray. Do not use it when the engine is on.
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How to Stop a Squeaky Serpentine Belt
Serpentine belts ride on the various pulleys in the engine well to transfer energy from the engine crankshaft pulley to the engine accessory pulleys. If the belt has any foreign material on it between the belt surface and the pulleys, often a squeak will... More »
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1. Open the hood with the engine running and shine the flashlight on the belt. Inspect the belt for any heavy glazing on the belt surface. If any glazing exists, you may need to replace
A squeaky belt is usually caused by a bad belt, a missaligned pulley, or something leaking on the belt.
It seems that the belt tensioner isn't doing its job, and possibly pulleys are bent or misaligned. It's also possible that a bearing on one of the accessories may be stiff and putting
Spray just enough WD-40 onto the belt to lightly
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To stop a squeaky serpentine belt, simple add some lubricant to it. You can spray or wipe the lubricant and let it sit for about a half an hour. Afterwards, test ...
Although there are many tricks on the Internet about lubricating a squeaky serpentine belt, the best idea is to take it to a mechanic. Generally the squeak is ...
A serpentine belt is self adjusting which means you have one choice to stop the squealing. The belt is either glazed, cracked or stretched and at the point of ...
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