How to Stop an Earache?


The best way to stop an earache is to be seen by a physician. Ear infections can become serious if the proper medication is not given. Soothe the ear infection with a warm washcloth until you can seek medical help.
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Earache Home Treatment
There are several steps you can take at home to reduce earache pain. They include: applying a cold washcloth to the ear, avoiding getting the ear wet, sitting upright to help relieve ear pressure , using over-the-counter ear drops (not if. . . More »
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1. Purchase a bottle of sweet oil. Most pharmacies carry it. One small bottle should be all you need. 2. Place several drops of sweet oil into a clean, metal teaspoon. 3. Use a lighter
Take a painkiller appropriate to your age, aspirin, paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen are all good if you are over twelve years old but follow the instructions on the pack.
It sounds like otitis media with a burst eardrum. The pain will stop when she treats the ear infection that is causing it. She really needs to go to her doctor for treatment. Source
Not Medical Advice: Warm a small amount of olive oil or mineral oil by holding the container under hot tap water for a few minutes. Test the oil on your MORE?
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1. Diagnose the cause of the earache properly before beginning treatment. If a child has ear pain, redness or drainage from the ear, they may have an ear infection ...
An earache can make you miserable. There are many reasons someone might have an earache, such as water stayed in the ear after swimming, a cold, an injury, or ...
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