How to stop being codependent?


If you're wondering how to stop being codependent, here is some helpful information. Codependency can create havoc in your life. To stop, you must recognize that you are codependent, allow for those that you care about to become responsible for their own words and actions, and focus on your own problems. You are not responsible for the problems of others, or resolving others' problems. You must address your own needs before you can honestly help others. If you release people to handle their own issues, you will realize that they don't necessarily need your help.
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How to Stop Being Co-Dependent
We depend on many things in life. However, what some people depend on can be destructive. Drinking, gambling or fits of rage may be the crutch used by some to get through each day. Addictive behaviors can be very difficult to break; so it is... More »
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1. Recognize your codependent qualities and behaviors, and make a conscious decision to change. 2. Seek professional help. Talking to a counselor is a productive way to deal with
CoDependence is not seen as real by many therapists. Therapy will help though.
Basically, you answered your own questions when you said to take small steps..Start doing different things slowing & for somewhat short periods of time. Start hanging around w
The first thing is to acknowledge that you have a problem with bein...
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