How to Stop Cats in Your Garden?


To stop cats going to your garden, you can do many things. Use fences with little holes with good height, so the cats cannot enter your garden. You can get a dog to keep cats away from garden too. Also, cats are very sensitive to different smells, so putting some vinegar in your garden might help.
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1. Redirect the cats by planting catnip in an area of the garden where you don't mind the cats going. This should be a spot away from vegetables and other plantings of value. The
They sell a few different types of repellents in alot of pet food stores, but a natural way is to spread lemons around and/or spray lemon water. Cats hate citrus for some reason.
Buy a BIG dog
The soft earth is the enticement for cats. They like something easy to dig. You can try covering the dirt with something that is not nice to dig, like rocks, gravel, or bark mulch.
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To stop cats fowling in the garden, use strong smelling substances to deter them from coming into the garden. Cats detest strong smells and are repulsed by them. ...
1. Have your veterinarian screen your cat for any medical conditions. 2. Place litter boxes in the areas where your cat sprays. 3. Put down plastic, two-sided ...
There are many natural ways you can stop cats from pooping in your flower gardens. The easiest, and cheapest way, is to put down some cayenne pepper in the area. ...
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