How to Stop Drug Trafficking?


Drug trafficking makes up most of the organized crime in the U.S. Unfortunately, the only ways to stop it are to decrease the sales or demand of the drugs or tighten up border and highway laws.
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Illegal drug trafficking, is buying and selling of illegal drugs. It can happen on the streets of America, or upon entering the borders of the United States. Other nations also have
By legalizing drugs. _ The reason for drug trafficking is because there is so much money to be made from it that nothing else can compare. The source of the problem is not Colombia
1. Don't assume that law enforcement already knows about the drug trafficking. Gather as much information as you can without putting yourself or anyone else in danger. Be as specific
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I am really hard nosed about drugs, there isn't a addict out there that would say drugs are good for you. Most will tell you it's ruined their lives, they have ...
It'd be much better if Latin America decided to band together to stop US interference, since the USA has the arrogance to act as if they can do as they please ...
Drug trafficking is the moving of illegal drugs from one place to another. This occurs when a foreign country imports drugs via a person smuggling the contents ...
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