How to Stop Engine Pinging?


To stop engine pinging, start by checking the fuel and intake system components. If it is high mileage you may have problems with either system and may not be getting the correct fuel to air ratio, which ultimately causes pinging. Check your intake for leaks, check your air filter, check your Mass Airflow Sensor, check your throttle body and check your Throttle Position Sensor. After finding the cause of the pinging, you can fix it yourself or take it to the garage.
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Either find a way to lower the compression, or use higher octane gas. Pinging is caused by premature ignition of the fuel, usually due to compression. Higher octane fuel is less combustible
1. Click "Start" and then "Control Panel. 2. Click "Security" and then "Windows Firewall. 3. Enter your administrator password when prompted, and press
you need higher octane fuel. The compression ratio of the engine is too high for 87 octane. Try using 89 octane. If it still pings, go up to 92. I know it sucks to spend an extra
1. Pull over. As soon as you notice the temperature gauge creeping into the "H" territory (which stands for "hot" pull over and turn off your car to allow the
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