How do you stop erosion?


You can prevent soil erosion by planting some plants and trees, you can also create some windbreaks and runoff barriers, like some kind of bricks or edging.
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1. Build terraces on steep slopes to stop the soil from being washed away by rain. Plant elephant grass and napier grass along the terrace ridges for extra fortification against land
We can prevent soil erosion by planting plants!
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Plant gases and trees.
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How to Stop Erosion
Erosion is a natural force caused by wind and water in which rock or soil is moved from one location to another. This can cause problems, such as removing the nutrient-rich topsoil needed for growing food and destabilizing the ground beneath roads and... More »
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Erosion tends to continue to expand if it is not stopped. Common methods are building a retaining wall or reinforcing the surrounding barriers to prevent any more damage.
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