What are some good ways to stop hives from itching?


Hives are usually undisruptive but they can be quite irritating. To stop hives from itching, avoid irritants such as food, medication and chemicals that cause allergic reaction. You can also use prescriptive antihistamines to stop the itching.
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Stress is a common trigger for hives. In some people, hives develop as allergic reactions to foods, pet dander, medications, chemicals or insect bites. Other people break out in hives
It happened to me once. I had hives all over the place. What I do is just take showers and after them put on lotion. If that doesn't work just go to the store and get some cream that
maybe try an oatmeal bath. they have a really good one by aveeno that works. but i would call the doctor that you got the shot from and tell them you are having side effects of hives
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How to Stop Hives from Itching
Hives are often mysterious things, appearing suddenly and disappearing just as suddenly hours or days later. For most sufferers, hives are harmless but irritating. They come and go on their own, but there are some medications and home remedies that can... More »
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