What are some good ways to stop hives from itching?


Hives are usually undisruptive but they can be quite irritating. To stop hives from itching, avoid irritants such as food, medication and chemicals that cause allergic reaction. You can also use prescriptive antihistamines to stop the itching.
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Stress is a common trigger for hives. In some people, hives develop as allergic reactions to foods, pet dander, medications, chemicals or insect bites. Other people break out in hives
Dan is right. start with an anti itch cream. and anti histamine.they will slow the reaction. to the IeG proteins down that cause the hives & itching. Another relief is to take
For hives, take a bath with three tablespoons of cornstarch and fiv...
Not Medical Advice: Add cornstarch to your regular bath to help with itching. Also apply Aloe Vera gel!
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