How to Stop Noise Pollution?


The best ways to avoid noise pollution are to live in homes away from busy streets and airports. Also, be sure that your dog is not barking all the time or annoying neighbors. Lastly, you should talk with your neighbors about turning down music or discussing times for mowing lawns. Communication is the best way to stop noise pollution so everyone can get along. For more information look here:;
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1. Plant more than one type of tree in the buffer zone, preferably trees with dense foliage. A variety of leaf textures reduces noise more effectively than a single type of tree.
Charles Babbage, designer of the first programmable computer, carried on a famous struggle against street musicians. He may have been the first person noted for trying to stop noise
1. Understand what causes noise pollution. As the world becomes more advanced, noise increases. The most common form of noise pollution now is from transportation, mainly cars, motorbikes
Noise levels are measured using Sound Level Meters (SLMs) that average dB levels over time. Measurements of 24-hours or longer are made along most (if not all) major roadways to sample
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Noise pollution is excessive, unwanted and disturbing sound that disrupts normal activities, such as conversation and sleep. It diminishes a person’s ...
Don't contribute to noise pollution! Noise pollution includes the noise that cars make, and even the noises that planes and trains make. You can find more information ...
Noise pollution is the disturbance of the environment with very loud uncoordinated sounds that are in most cases so irritating. There are different sources of ...
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