How can you stop noise pollution?


While noise pollution cannot be completely eliminated, it can be controlled through the use of buffers according to Forbes Magazine. Noise pollution can cause a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure, impaired cognitive thinking and chronic stress, so it’s important to address the issue.

There are a variety of excellent ways to limit the amount of noise that enters inside spaces. Double-paned windows and weather stripping can reduce the amount of noise an individual can hear inside the home. Acoustic panels or materials that have a noise reduction rating (NRC) can help reduce the amount of noise pollution indoors.

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You can prevent noise pollution by using your horn only when necessary. If you are not driving your car or any other vehicle, shut it off. Try to walk for a change.
1. Creating some sort of heavy screening between the noise source and your home is your first focus. You can build a solid wall with brick, cement, block or other thick, noise-absorbing
You can stop it by installing soundproof appliances in walls, ceilings, windows, and any other enclosed space. Horn less in cars while driving.
1. Understand what causes noise pollution. As the world becomes more advanced, noise increases. The most common form of noise pollution now is from transportation, mainly cars, motorbikes
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