How to Stop Peeling Due to Sunburn?


When skin peels from a sunburn, the damaged layers of skin are being removed to make new skin. The only way to stop the peeling is to stop scratching and keep the burn moisturized.
Q&A Related to "How to Stop Peeling Due to Sunburn"
1. Wear sunscreen. The minute you notice that your skin is starting to turn pink, you should apply a liberal layer of sunscreen. The sunscreen will prevent the skin from burning further
Apply aloe vera gel to your face. Aloe vera gel is a natural
1 Turn the bath water on as hot as your unburned hand can cope with. Do not use extremely hot water! Ad 2 Lay in the tub as it is filling up. Slosh back and forth to allow the skin
AAAAAAAHHHHH! okay so despite re applying sunscreen three times, i got a a really bad sunburn on my back, stomach, legs, and chest. now it has begun to peel. i am trying my hardest
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