How to Stop Peeling Due to Sunburn?


When skin peels from a sunburn, the damaged layers of skin are being removed to make new skin. The only way to stop the peeling is to stop scratching and keep the burn moisturized.
Q&A Related to "How to Stop Peeling Due to Sunburn"
1. Wear sunscreen. The minute you notice that your skin is starting to turn pink, you should apply a liberal layer of sunscreen. The sunscreen will prevent the skin from burning further
you can't. stay out of the sun. It is skin cancer in instalments. If it peels, you lose the tan as well. Source(s) iaad.
Right after you get sunburnt apply moisturizer or even better, aloe vera plant. You can get cream with aloe vera extracts in it and that works good too. Then apply this as much as
If your skin has been burned, peeling is inevitable. But you can put it off for
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