How to Stop Prejudice?


There is no easy solution to the problem of prejudice, and while prejudice is less of a problem today than it was, say, 200 years ago it still can be seen in society. The best way to fight prejudice is through education about people's differences, open communication, and speaking up when you see clear prejudice in your life. By opening your mind to people's differences, and not allowing others to think that their prejudice is okay, you can help to lessen its effects and eventually end it forever.
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In our society today, a mass amount of the population judge one another based on first impressions. Whether it's a bad or good judgement, every one of us judges the appearance of
1. Go to the office of the clerk for the court overseeing your case. Present two forms of current personal identification to the clerk. Explain your purpose for visiting and ask the
First off, mate, you don't stop prejudice by seeking the other person to change their outlook.because that is childish! (to say the least) You do not eliminate prejudice simpy by
1. Remember they are from a different time. Remember way back when it was okay to pull the corners of your eyes back to imitate a Chinese person, or calling African Americans the's...
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You can't stop prejudice. Prejudice is a strong emotion or preconceived belief or judgment that certain people have about other people.
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