How do you stop rabbits from fighting?


The process of stopping rabbits from fighting doesn't start with separating them from each other, but instead requires that the rabbits be put physically closer together for a time, according to Sacramento House Rabbit Society. Helping the rabbits to bond on neutral territory can put an end to the fighting and start a healthy relationship.

Rabbits communicate in a different way than people and many of their interactions can be misconstrued as fighting. The first step is to be sure that the rabbits are actually fighting and not showing affection or play toward one another. If they are aggressively fighting it is important that they are not completely separated as this will mean starting over in the process of creating bonding between the two.

One trick that works well is to put the two rabbits in a box and take them on a car ride, according to Sacramento House Rabbit Society. The loud noise and movement of the car can promote calmness and companionship between the two. When in the home it is important to put the two fighting rabbits side by side and calm them. Then placing them in a small room such as the bathroom or in a pen so that they can become accustomed to each other.

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