How to Stop Squirrels from Eating Plants?


Squirrels can be extremely destructive especially when they invade your garden of fresh vegetable garden. When you want them to stay away from your crops, there are a few measures you can use to keep them away. Make scarecrows and put them in the garden which scares them away and fence around your garden with wire mesh to keep them away.
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1. Sprinkle cayenne pepper at the base of your plants. Also mix some with water and spray the foliage. The pepper is harmless to the plants, but the squirrels will get a shock when
1 Squirrel-Proof Feeders. There are several on the market that are weight-activated, allowing birds to feed but not squirrels. Some have better features, and might last longer, but
shoot them. Get a Jack Russel terrier.
If you have the room, you can put a chicken wire cage around the developing plants. Squirrels have a hard time reaching through, especially if you can set the cage far enough away
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