How to Stop Static Electricity?


The best way to stop static electricity is with moisture. If you have your furnace running and it is creating a lot of static, you simply need to run a humidifier to put a stop to it. The water in the air will really help enormously!
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Static electricity is a hard thing to stop. There are a few things that you can do to prevent it, but there is no guarantee. You could try using a humidifier to raise the level of
1. Rub dryer sheets on your clothes if you notice they cling to you, or if you're experiencing an overabundance of static shocks as you walk around. Anti-static spray reduces static
You can get rid of static electricity in a dress or other garment by Hanging it on a
if you have rubber you can block it.
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One way of stopping static electricity in hair is to rub a fabric softener sheet over your hair. I'm sure there are countless other ways to do the same thing and ...
The drier sheet is used to stop static electricity using the material the sheet is coated with. The stearic acid melts on the hot drier and transfers static from ...
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