How to Stop Stretch Marks from Itching?


When skin stretches and tears it can cause very uncomfortable itching. You can try and consume more water which will help greatly in the battle against stretch marks. Try not to scratch at them because this will make it worse. And apply a good moisturizer to minimize the tearing at least.
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1. Prevent your skin from drying out by using mild soaps and body washes when showering. Try to use cooler water as hot showers will dry your skin out. After you shower, make sure
Try using moisturizing lotions and rubs. Also its a good idea to keep
Vitamin E in combination with Vitamin C can be effective against stretch marks. They prevent collagen breakdown and minimize the existence of stretch marks already present. Apply
Stretch marks, technically called straie, are a form of scarring caused by tears in a layer of the skin called the dermis. Stretch marks are often caused when skin stretches quickly
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