How to Stop the Tanning Bed Itching?


To stop the tanning bed itching on dry skin use a good moisturizing product regularly after tanning. Skin can become overly dry from the heat and light of tanning beds. Aloe Vera can also help dry skin.
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1. Apply a dime-sized drop of calamine lotion or hydrocortisone itch cream to your finger. 2. Gently massage the lotion or cream on top of and around the bite. Allow it to soak into
A number of skin irritations may occur with tanning. The treatments are
You may have an allergy to the sanitizer used to clean the tanning bed.
You can go to Walgreens and get their numbing aloe gel. It has benzocane in it and slightly numbs the area. If you have any REALLLLYYYY bad spots then get a tube of, and I'm serious
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