How do you stop itching from a tanning bed?


To stop the tanning bed itching on dry skin use a good moisturizing product regularly after tanning. Skin can become overly dry from the heat and light of tanning beds. Aloe Vera can also help dry skin.
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To tan effectively in a tanning bed one must make sure to use the proper tanning oils. Some oils aren't bed friendly and will ruin the bed. One must also always wear protective eye
Avoid scratching the skin where you are experiencing the itch of the bed bug bite. Take an over-the-counter antihistamine pill, or apply steroid creams and calamine lotion over the
A number of skin irritations may occur with tanning. The treatments are
1. Eliminate ambient sound, like music or appliance noise, as much as you can from the room with the bed in it. 2. Lie on the bed and jostle your weight around, listening for the
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