How do you stop itching from a tanning bed?


To stop the tanning bed itching on dry skin use a good moisturizing product regularly after tanning. Skin can become overly dry from the heat and light of tanning beds. Aloe Vera can also help dry skin.
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Tanning beds aren't safe, they make the cells in you body simply freak out. Along with that it's damaging to the skin and causes premature aging.
A number of skin irritations may occur with tanning. The treatments are
Allergic reactions to the UV light in tanning beds consist of itchy bumps and rashes on the arms, legs, chest and back. Many times tanners will react hours after their tanning session
1. Apply an exfoliating facial scrub to clean, damp skin, rub your skin in a gentle circular motion, and rinse clean. Do this during the first few days of growth to prevent ingrown
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