How do you stop turning red after drinking alcohol?


While there are no known cures for the alcohol flush reaction, Health Guidance says "if you take heartburn medicines like ranitidine or famotidine approximately one hour before drinking, then it can help." This reaction to alcohol is due to the way the body metabolizes alcohol, forming acetaldehyde due to an inactive enzyme in some humans. Studies show it is hereditary and most common among individuals of Asian descent.

According to Cooking Recipes Food, eating certain foods before beginning to drink is sometimes helpful. While this requires a process of elimination approach, foods high in starches help to coat the stomach and are sometimes helpful. Those high in sugar and Vitamin B-3 help some sufferers to reduce the flush. Some drinkers tolerate sugary mixed drinks better than straight alcohol. Spicy foods, pain relievers and other digestive tract irritants have the potential to make one's symptoms worse.

It is difficult to differentiate between alcohol flush syndrome and an alcohol allergy; however, Men'sHealth quotes researchers as saying, "if your red face is accompanied by nausea and heart palpitations—and especially if you experience flushing regardless of what type of hooch you’re swallowing—all signs point to an acetaldehyde issue." If this is the suspected cause, the researchers suggest talking with a doctor about the reaction.

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