How to Stop Unidentified or Blocked Calls From Coming to my Cell Phone.?


1. Contact your cell phone service provider. Many providers now offer services for a small fee to screen blocked numbers. The calls are intercepted by an automated service, and a call will be placed from your provider to you letting you know who is
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How to Stop Unidentified or Blocked Calls From Coming to my Cell Phone
Telemarketing, prank phone calls and unknown numbers seem to easily find their way to many cell phones. Some of these calls may be from creditors or bill collectors, but they often create an annoyance for most cell phone users. Unidentified, blocked or... More »
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I don't know about cingular but I do have my phone set to ring the song "STING" when someone with a blocked number calls so I know to ignore it. You might be able to get
There are a few ways to block your number from
Yes, What carrier do you have? Some cell phone companys make you pay for the app. Like metro is a $1 a month for that service. . Cratty. 20 months ago.
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One way to block unknown calls from a cell phone is to register your cell phone on the National Do No Call Registry. This will block the unknown calls coming from ...
Unfortunately, the only way to block someone from calling you is to talk to your cell phone carrier about blocking it. If the person blocks their number before ...
Cell phone carriers don't make it very easy or public, but most can block calls from your phone or provide basic call screening. New services have also popped ...
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