How to Stop Your Periods?


The simplest way to stop your period is through the use of the contraceptive pill. You have to start taking the pill at least one cycle before the period you want to stop. You will not have your period as long as you take the pills continuously. It is advisable to talk to your gynaecologist for more professional information.
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Skip taking the placebo pills of your regular birth control pills. You can continuously take your regular contraceptive pills instead of taking a week of placebos to allow your period
either you are starting your new cycle or if you mean you havent had it you could possibly be pregnant, or if you are an active woman it can possibly be very delayed do to the change
1 Keep the area clean. Make sure to change your sanitary towel/tampon every two hours or so. You can now buy vagina wipes, which are nice and make you feel very fresh. Ad 2 Try to
There are some types of birth control that will stop u from having a period. Other than that
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