How to Straddle a Man?


To straddle a man, you first have to have him sit or lie down. Then sit on his pelvis or lap area, with one leg on either side of him. You can do this either facing towards him or away from him.
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Straddling the man would most commonly be used as a sexual term, meaning she's on
Let go of what? I don't think you are thinking of a sport.
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I think both ways even tho is way more exciting to be sitting on his face and that way he can do things that he couldn't do if i were laying on my back. plus it gives a feeling of
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It is a sexual position. The woman straddles the man while facing his feet then gyrates ...
Doing the Lusty Leap Frog position provides optimal climax potential for the woman due to the positioning. The woman should sit, straddling the man who should ...
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