How to Straighten Hair without a Straightener?


Using hair straightening products like herbal shampoo, coconut oil, conditioner and gel when after applying use a towel on the wet hair and move it side ways to make it straight. One can also use a blowdrey to straight the hair.
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1. First, it is important to buy a good straightener. My favorite brand of straighteners is called Chi. The Chi can be fairly expensive, but it is made with ceramic which does very
1 Take a shower. This step is optional it can help but you can end up with frizz free hair without this step. Ad
To straighten curly hair you can use a flat iron. You can also use a blow dryer and round brush if you would like some volume. Doing this often will dry your hair out so you may want
The first hair straightener was a metal straightening comb invented in 1905 by Madam C. J. Walker. The straightening comb revolutionized the way African American women straightened
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To straighten hair without a straightener you can get a straighteni... ...
It is possible to straighten hair without using chemicals. One organic hair straightening product is the 'Organic Ceratin Permanent Straightening System'. This ...
There are a few ways to straighten your hair without having to use a relaxer. While the hair is still wet, take a flat brush and blow dry the hair on a medium ...
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