What is the best way to straighten men's short hair?


To straighten Men's short hair you can go to the nearest salon in your area and have it relaxed or straightened. You can also use a flat iron to do so. You may also ask your hairstylists on several salon products that can temporarily help you straighten your hair without too much hassle.
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1. Choose a flat iron that is salon-grade (sold at a salon) or buy one for less at a department store that has tourmaline or ceramic plates, which are less damaging than metal ones.
1 Do a blow-out on your hair. Although the term may sound strange, a blow-out involves straightening your hair using a blow dryer. After you shower (having shampooed and conditioned
ok my hair is kinda short. The thing is the back of my hair is ok fine, But the front can get really ugly its so curly messy i hate it with a passion. I tried to used hair ...show
first off I think you should try the straightener again. This time put it on a lower setting and start at the roots. There are straighteners that are thinner for guy hair. if that
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