How to Strain Cooking Oil?


If you need to strain cooking oil, it is simple to do. You will want to get a mesh strainer. Place the strainer in a pot or have someone hold it for you while you dump the oil. Your oil is then strained.
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There are many different types of cooking oil, each of which would have different basic incredients. Some examples are Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, or plain lard and shortening
1. Allow the deep fryer oil to cool before attepting to store it. Failure to do this can result in serious injury from burns. 2. Line the wire mesh strainer with either cheesecloth
1 Learn the characteristics of fats. Fats come to us from many sources - animal and plant - and thus can have very different properties. Luckily, when cooking, only a few are important
Cooking oils are molecules of triacylglycerides (TAGs) which are basically carbon & hydrogen atoms; each TAG consists of a glycerol 'head' joined to three fatty acid tails. The
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One can reuse cooking oil if it has not gone bad and if it has been stored properly. The oil should be strained using a sieve to remove food particles before storing ...
When cooking, you will need something to help the food heat up and also not stick to the pan. This is why most (if not all) recipes call for the use of cooking ...
When I fry chicken or any other poultry, I usually use it for three times before I discard it. I strain the oil first before using and I know it is time to throw ...
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