How to String a Basketball Net?


Stringing a basketball net is quick and easy. Depending on what kind of net and hoop you have, the process will be different. Sometimes all you need to do is thread the string around the loop on the hoop to secure it.
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1. Raise a ladder to reach the basketball hoop, if necessary. Cut the remaining pieces of the old net from the hoop if the hoop is still in place. 2. Hold the new net with the wide
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1. Cut the strings or net wrap. Using a sharp. utility knife. make a cut. perpendicular. to the flat areas of the bale that stretches from one end to the other at a height that is
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How to String a Basketball Net
Putting up a new basketball hoop can be a good addition to a house, giving you an outlet for healthy family fun. Check the condition of your basketball hoop every few months and replace the hoop's net when it shows signs of wear. If you begin to see... More »
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