How to String a Weed Wacker?


To replace a string weed wacker, first turn off the weed wacker. Then remove the trimmer head beneath the weed-trimmer. Remove the old trimmer line by either untying the old line or simply cutting it off. Buy a replacement string in a lawn or garden shop. Clip one end of the string along the center bottom of the weed-trimmer. Finally replace and close the trimmer head and switch on the weed-trimmer so to cut off excess string.
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1. Make sure the weed-trimmer is turned off, whether it is gas or electric. f it has a safety switch, make sure it is engaged. Unplug if electric. 2. Remove the trimmer head on the
what is the part of the weed wacker that has the string on it connected to the frane.
A gasoline weed whacker is 100 to 105 decibels. To put that in perspective, a lawn mower
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How to String a Weed Wacker
Instructions on how to string a weed-trimmer are easy enough that anyone can do it, even with little to no mechanical ability. Once you learn the process, you will be able to string any weed-trimmer. Stringing a weed-trimmer should take no more than... More »
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To string a weed wacker cut two pieces of string. Take the head piece off the weed wacker. Place the two strings inside the two holes inside the head frame. Depending on the type of weed wacker you have either run the two strings in the same direction wrapping them around the frame. Or run the two strings in the opposite direction of each other, against each other. Slide the strings out of the head piece you took off. Lock the head piece back on the weed wacker.
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You will need to flip the weed whacker upside down. There will be some illustrated instructions on the middle section. Most weed whackers you just push and turn ...
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