How to Strip and Stain Exterior Wood Door?


Eliminate the door from its hinges, strip off the old finish, wash door after doffing old finish, dry it for several hours or overnight, sand the door,organise surface of door for staining, stain the door, allow stain to dry as suggested by stain manufacturer, use extra fine grade of sandpaper or extra fine steel wool and lightly sand stained surface of door, use tack cloth to remove all sanding dust, put exterior grade varnish or polyurethane finish, sand lightly with extra fine sand paper or steel wool, put another coat of exterior varnish or polyurethane finish and put back door.
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1. Remove the door from its hinges. Set it on a workbench or workhorses. Tape off hardware. 2. Strip off the old finish. Use a commercial stripper. Follow the manufacturer's instructions
1 Remove the door from the hinges. It's important to remove the door and lay it out flat to stain it properly. Most wood doors should be able to be removed fairly easily, without
You should have three inches of wood on each side of any residential door.
Well, there are options, but whatever you use, should have built in UV resistance. If you want something that will really last, get industrial enamel. I don't like paint on wood,
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How to Strip & Stain an Exterior Wood Door
The front door is the first thing people see when they come to your house. It's also highly visible from the street and makes an impression with passersby. If the finish on your front door has seen better days, you can strip off the old finish and then... More »
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