How to Style Thick Curly Hair?


Thick curly hair can be difficult to style but there are tips to improve the look of your hair. First, always trim the hair to avoid frizz and use a tangle free shampoo. Comb the hair away from the face. Straighten the hair so that it may frame the face. Holding the hair with a band or hair clip may help it look less bulky.
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First things first. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo every other day. Curly hair tends to be dry and washing your hair everyday can dry out your hair, even if you are using
After washing and conditioning, grab your blow-dryer and a round brush. Comb your bangs over your forehead, and position the brush under a section of your bangs. In a sweeping motion
i have curly hair and i am sooooo glad that i do. I never straighten my hair cause its takes forever and its reall damaging. Wat i do to style my hair is i scrunch my hair with mousse
i have thick curly hair and what i do is when i get out of the shower, i scrunch my hair with gell and moose and then i put it up until it dries a little, and when it is a little
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