How do you succeed at college?


To succeed in college it is important to remember that one must be organized in order to succeed. The best thing is to approach college with an open mind so that one gains the most out of the learning experience. Before doing anything think about it carefully so that your decisions are well informed and will not be regretted. One should be remain balanced that is reserve time for social life (connecting with other students is important) as well as academics to avoid getting overwhelmed. Finally give your all to your studies by doing the best that you can.
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Instructions. Take as many science and mathematics classes as possible while in high school. If you know that you are planning to become a nursing major, these courses will help prepare
1 Decide whether you choose not to go to college or if there are other reasons. If it is your choice not to go to college then skip into the next section. Ad 2 Identify the reason
1. Forget the past and look to the future. No matter how successful or unsuccessful you were as a student in high school, look to the future and do not let your past hinder the present
Try to do differnent meaningful things,can do that by yourself or with others,mostly important is that you can learn something from doing this kind of thing.Thins such as hold lecture
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To succeed in college you need to pay attention in class, take notes, go to all of your classes, study, do well on projects and tests and exams.
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